Textile District

Aggiornato il: 23/09/2021

The working group dedicated to the Textile & Clothing and industrial symbiosis district will be based on the experiences of SMEs and will have the task of identifying the critical points on which it is necessary to intervene to facilitate the implementation of the actions.

Cities are the main engines of economic development and the industrial districts linked to the territories introduce a principle of biounivocity between the urban and industrial dimensions. In Prato, we want to remove the barriers to accelerate the transition to a circular economy model.

Working groups:

  • End of waste legislation and economic incentives to facilitate the transition to the circular economy (for example VAT) (better regulation);
  • New business models and markets for textile waste (better funding / knowledge);
  • European funding opportunities (better funding / knowledge) and relations with the EU Liaison Office in Brussels of the Tuscany Region;
  • Promotion of the circular T&A district of Prato (better knowledge).
  • Observatory on labour market innovation and new forms of corporate welfare
  • Traceability
  • LCA and decarbonization