Aggiornato il: 19/07/2021

The permanent governance working group is intended as a listening, working and open sharing group. Prato Circular City aims to be a permanent place for the coordination and future governance of circular economy activities, also in relation to other extant policies of the Municipality of Prato. A strong synergy with other city coordination tables is desirable (for example the Smart Living Lab of the Smart City or the working group on the Urban Jungle) in order to share ideas and visions for a circular and sustainable city.


Areas of discussion

The topics to be explored on the theme of governance of the circular city are:


  • Integrated / holistic and systemic integrated governance approach;
  • Urban themes and activities with circular potential and intrinsic links and interdependencies;
  • How key stakeholders of the circular economy can work better together (e.g. Administration, SMEs, civil society and citizen level):
  • Circular planning and policy definition;
  • Regulations and incentives;
  • Circular management and sharing of knowledge;
  • Search for European, national and regional funding opportunities to foster transition and innovation;
  • Circular development monitoring and reporting;
  • Better coordination of stakeholders (e.g. within the EU (different DGs, Parliament, Council, Member States, across multiple levels of government).