Sustainable urban agriculture

Aggiornato il: 19/04/2021

In addition to listening to citizens’ demands, cities can also identify the barriers that hinder a smooth transition towards more responsible consumption and a circular economy. Consider the issue of food waste and all the actors involved and how the waste avoided can feed alternative circuits with social and charitable purposes.

The working group involves public bodies, universities, associations of producers and agricultural and trade companies, large-scale distribution, the Prato Public Building and associations of condominium administrators in order to reduce waste, address the food emergency, improve the active participation of stakeholders and enhancing food waste through the production of innovative products based on organic waste.

Working groups

  • Integrated irrigation: Creation of urban agricultural systems irrigated through an integrated water system (better funding / knowledge)
  • Short chain products and sustainable food (better knowledge)
  • Urban farming
  • Innovative vertical farming and urban regeneration solutions (better funding / knowledge).