Textile & Clothing Industry

Circular economy has always been an integrated part of the Prato textile production model. Historically our entrepreneurs have been good at giving value to objects that others considered waste. It is a mindset well rooted in our common way of doing: for example, Tuscan cooking makes widespread use of leftovers.

The Prato district nowadays has to deal with the demands of clients and what is new in international markets, especially in relation to sustainability issues.

Despite the dynamism that has always distinguished Prato and the constant commitment of entrepreneurs, artisans and institutions, today Prato faces barriers that slow down the affirmation of circularity: legislative constraints and lack of incentives, together with the need for greater awareness of these issues at all levels of the supply chain.

Overcoming legislative barriers will also contribute to strengthening industrial symbiosis in the textile / clothing supply chain itself and with other supply chains.

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