Within the urban system, defined as an interconnected and multi-use area incorporating housing, commercial and industrial areas as well as agriculture, it is possible to activate policies and experimentation that facilitate the transition from linear to circular actions.

The City of Prato, whose production district (that of the textile and clothing industry) is relatively homogenous, is the ideal ground for this kind of transition. The highly specialized industrial district makes it easier to resolve common challenges and systemically address the adoption of innovative best practises.

Prato Circular City works within four veritcal themes and one horizontal theme to address the most important aspects of our city's transition towards the circular economy. The themes are as follows:

  • Textile and Clothing Industry
  • Urban Resources
  • Circular Consumption
  • Sustainable agricultural systems
  • Governance



For each of the above themes, working groups will discuss possible concrete actions to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy. The general goals of the project can be understood within the framework of the 2016 Pact of Amsterdam:

  1. Better Regulation: Starting from current legislation on the topic, the group will identify barriers in order to determine proposals for change or betterment. Considering that cities do not have control over legislative matters beyond local ones, it will be important to be aware of regional, national and european legislation and to move for change within legislative actions that are already in progress.
  2. Better Funding: the project will contribute to the identification, support, integration and bettering of financing options, be they traditional or innovative, to render them easy to use for the district, including structural and EU investment funds, with the goal of efficiently applying interventions on the Pratese teritory.
  3. Better Knowledge: the project will contribute to increasing the knowlege base on urban issues and to the exchange of best practises. At all levels, the project aims to increase awareness for a general sense of belonging to the overall system that makes a circular economy function.
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