Circular Projects in Prato

Prato is truly a circular city. The numerous European Projects in which the City of Prato is involved, alongside territory stakeholders, demonostrates our dedication to this theme. There are four main projects currently underway in the area of circular economy in Prato.

Why Prato?

Prato encourages industrial symbiosis through its large textile and clothing industry, one of the largest in Europe, which, for its homogeneity, encourages the exchange and implementation of best practises.

Through industrial symbiosis, industrial waste and other unused resources generated by the production process are recovered and re-used by other companies in the same or different sectors, which generates reciprocal benefits. This approach may lead to the optimization of processes, better logistics, and favour the transfer of knowledge, making all involved resources more productive as well as generating economic and environmental benefits.

Four main territorial cooperation projects tell the story of Prato’s dedication to Circular Economy. The City of Prato is lead partner in two of them (InnomedUP & URGE), while other lead partners are Confindustria Toscana Nord (TEX MED Alliances) and Fondazione Museo del Tessuto di Prato (StandUP).

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